Retin A Vs. Tazorac?

I have used Retin A for about 15 yrs. My last strength was 1% which I was able to tolerate well. Last year, I noticed that my skin no longer had that "radiant" look. My Derm switched me to Tazorac. I definely see a difference. My skin looks smoother and the radiant look is back. Is it possible that I had acquired some type of tolerance to Retin A and it was no longer working? Is Tazorac a better form of Retin A? It is certainly a lot more expensive.

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Tazorac Most Potent Retinoid

Tazorac is generally considered the most potent retinoid-- the class of drugs that include tretinoin, Retin-A, Retin-A Micro, Differin, Renova and so on.  It is also, generally, the most irritating at first, so many times is used once a tolerance to one of the other retinoids has been achieved.

So, yes-- Tazorac is more powerful, but unfortunately, also more expensive!

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