Can Retin A be used on the face to help skin appearance?

I am a 22 years old male, but after having acne around 5 years ago, there are some scars as well as a faint wrinkle on my forehead. Will retin A help/improve the appearance of my face? If so what strength and how long can I use this cream? Also how many times a day should I put it on my face. Thank you.

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Retin A

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Yes, Retin A ( or generically tretinoin) will improve your skin - fine lines, uneven pigmentation - it will even reverse some sun damage. 
Apply once per day in the evening - and use a moisturizer with sun block in the morning.
The side effect is dryness - you will have to use your moisturizer more.
Start with 0.025%  and if that is well tolerated you can move up.

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