What Strength Retin-A to Start with for Fair Skin?

i have oily fair skin & large pores. i want to be cautious using retin-a. that being said, which strength do you recommend starting with or should i start with retin-a micro. should i apply moisturizer first to dilute retin a maybe to start?

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Retin-A Treatment

Since you should only be able to obtain Retin-A by prescription from a physician you need to follow the advice of that physician who has the advantage of examining your skin to start you on the correct  strength and routine.  Retin-A will not decrease the size of your pores but it may help with the oily issue as it does tend to having a "drying" effect.

I typically start my patients on the lowest strength and to apply it every other night for the first 2 weeks until their skin tolerates it.  Once the skin is adapting to the use of Retin-A they can add on an additional night and continue this routine until it is being applied every night.  Your physician may recommend ultimately applying it morning and night if your skin does not get red and scaly from continued and regular use.  You do need to take extra precaution when you are in the sun as Retin-A will make your skin more sensitive to the sun. 

As an added note you should always protect your skin year-round with a sunscreen that has a minimum SPF of 30.  You should see a dermatologist or facial plastic surgeon to determine what skincare therapy is right for you.

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Moisturization of the skin with the application of retin A with Opti-Ceramide cream like Elevase

If you experience a drying effect with the retin-A, add an Opti-Ceramide cream to the regimen and mix them at application to maximize skin hydration and retention of moisture. Elevase Moisture Booster is a great Opti-Ceramide. 

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Retin A

cosult a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon for proper skin care program to achieve or treat the condition you have

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