Should I Use Retin A or Retinol?

I am 32 with light skin, i barely gave acne, i usually use sun cream and have a good diet .I recently found out that Retin A is the best cream i can use fir wrinkles and prevent aging , but I am not sure if I have to use Retin A or start with Retinol , some pharmecies highly recommend Retinol due to less irritation and sun damage. Please Help

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Skin Care

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I start my patients on 0.05% tretinoin once a week for 2 weeks than twice a week and so on. This is strong stuff so be careful. You should add a peptide,antioxidamt, and moisturizer. You will see skin rejuvenation and improvement


Perscription Retinoids Verses Retinol

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There are many vitamin A derivatives on the market, and it can be confusing which is best for you and your skin. Typically we recommend using a prescription topical retinoid verses a OTC retinol product. There are many different strengths available for you to choose from, so sometimes it's best to start at a low dose and increase in time. There are a lot of OTC retinols available as well, and they all vary in strength. We tend to recommend prescription retinoids before retinol because they go through much more extensive testing to back up the claims. It's usually a good idea to make an appointment with your dermatologist to discuss your options, and to see what products best fit your lifestyle.


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