Retin-A - No Peeling

Hi, I have been using Retin A 0.025% for the past 3 weeks; I am mainly using it for collagen production. It has cleared up all my blackheads and acne, but I have not noticed any peeling. Is this normal? Should I increase the concentration? My skin is red, but not horrible.

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Retin A for collagen production

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Retin A (tretinoin) and other topical retinoids can increase collagen production when used over a long period of time.  Typically, collagen production does not begin until a patient has used the topical retinoid for over 6 months.  Tretinoin .025% is a low concentration and I usually start my patients on this percentage for a two month period.  If a patient tolerates tretinoin .025% well at their two month follow up, I generally increase them to tretinoin .05%.  It is always advisable to have a board certified dermatologist manage a topical retinoid treatment strategy so the patient gets the safest and best outcome. 

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