Retin A Micro Vs. Atralin; which is more likely to cause flaking skin?

I used Atralin for 7 months and the peeling on my face never subsided. To the point that if I used a napkin, I would flake horribly. My derm suggested I try Retin A Micro instead, but I am nervous that it is higher strength and will cause more flaking! I used the Atralin only 3 times a week with a heavy moisturizer.

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Retin A micro vs Atralin

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It's not necessarily the strength but the way it is delivered. Atralin is a bit more a gel, and Retin A Micro is a bit more a cream, so even though it's a higher strength, it can be less flaky. Remember that you don't have to have flaky skin. If you find you are getting lots of flakes, cut back. For lots of patients I only recommend a retin A product once a week, and that is just fine!

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