I use Retin-a micro 2 days ago. I have a lot of redness and my skin burns. What can I do?

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I used Retin a Micro 2 days ago. I have a lot of redness and my skin burns. What can I do?

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You may consider waiting a week before using it again. If you use it once a week for a few weeks and then increase to twice a week for a few weeks, it may be less irritating. See out it goes, some people tolerate it daily.

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Skin burning after Retin-A micro

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Retin-A micro is not as irritating as Retin-A but it can still be strong for some. Apply it to dry skin rather than wet skin. And put a good thick moisturizer on right after you apply it. For now, apply some cool water and hydrocortisone (available for a few dollars from any pharmacy). That will help with the redness, stinging, and irritation.

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