Is Retin-A for Me?

ive used proactiv for two years and all its done is made my skin super oily unless i continually use it. im sixteen so i have fairly oily skin but the proactiv has increased my oil production so i cant stop using it. inwas wondering if retin a has the same side effects... can i use retin-a and then stop once my acne clears up? and will retin-a make my skin super oily if i dont use it for the rest of my life? and lastly, will retin-a prevent me from outgrowing acne? all answers are appreciated!

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Retin-A and oily skin

Retin-A may indeed reduce your oily skin and certainly would prevent and treat acne nicely. It sounds like you should see a dermatologist about your skin to assess for hormonal imbalance etc. Blood tests and/or ultrasound may be warranted. You may benefit from oral contraceptive therapy and/or isotretinoin, both of which are terrific and better than any topical treatment at reducing oil production. Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Toronto Dermatology Centre.

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