Retin A for Age Prevention?

Hi i am 24, if i use retin a at this age, will i look younger than my age in future? provided i am consistent on retin a.

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Aging is a multifactorial issue.

1: Genetic

2: sun xposure

3: smooking

4: antioxidant

5: Healthy lifestyle

Retin A is probably one of the most antiaging cream available now. So long term use would probably delay the aging process.


The only factor you have no control over is your genetics

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Retin-A for aging skin prevention

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Retin-A is good to use at any age and does help to correct and prevent damage. More important though to prevent aging is a daily use of a good sunscreen!

Retin A to prevent skin aging

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Retin A helps both treat and prevent some of the signs of skin aging.  It works very well for fine lines and discoloration from sun damage.  So, yes, it should help prevent or delay the development of these changes if you start early.  You must also protect  your skin from the sun and avoid smoking, however, to enjoy these benefits. 

Dina D. Strachan, MD
New York Dermatologist

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