Retin-A caused me to breakage out a lot please help!! (Photo)

About three weeks ago I started using a prescription retin-a gel(0,025 ,After I started using the retin-a, my skin began breaking out in my beard area and on my cheeks where I don't usually get acne. My skin does not appear to be red or irritated other than this moderate acne and slight skin peeling. Is this a normal ???

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Breaking out from Retin-A

Retin-A gels are stronger than creams and sometimes more irritating. I don't know how often your dermatologist told you to use the product either. I might simply stop using the product and see if things clear up. If they do, you know it's the Retin-A. It usually takes about a month to see changes within the skin after starting (or stopping) a product. Consult your dermatologist for advice or a different product.

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