Does Retin A Brand Atralin 0.05% Work Good for Acne All over Face?

I've been using Retin-A brand Atralin for 5 weeks and am not seeing any improvement in my skin. My dermatologist gave this to me and said to use it for 4 months. I have had 12 IPL treatments and believe it is the cause of my excessive milia which is deeply all over under my skin on my entire face, especially cheek and chin area! Please help me with advice, will Retin A clear it in time? I have no money & won't do any other cosmetic treatments except getting them extracted.

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Treatment Time for Topical Retinoids

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Typically patients must use a topical retinoid for 3-6 months prior to observing an noticeable improvement.  After this time period, the strength may be increased or other modalities may be added. 

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