Can Retin a Be Applied Only on the Acne Scars & Not on the Whole Face?

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Retin A as Spot Treatment

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Patients with localized acne having a few persistent acneiform lesions can effectively use Retin A in their problem areas rather than treating the entire face.  However, many patients do experience many benefits besides acne reduction using it on their entire face.  As always, it is recommended to have a board certified dermatologist evaluate your skin and tailor a treatment regimen that is right for you.

Houston Dermatologist

Placement of Retin-A on the face

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You can use retin-A in selective areas of concern on the face, but it will benefil your entire face.  I only recommend avoiding other areas of the face if is is causing too much irritation in those areas, for instance around the mouth, nose or close to eye area

Marialyn Sardo, MD
La Jolla Plastic Surgeon
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