Ok To Combine Retin A and Face Cleansing Cloths?

Is it ok to use retin-A cream after cleansing the face with just a face cleansing cloth instead of soap and water on some nights? Will the Retin A still have the same effect? Also, is it ok to use moisturizer at night after applying Retin-A. Again, will it lose potency? Thanks!

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Retin A use with facial cleaning cloths and moisturizers

It should be safe to combine Retin-A use with a facial cleansing cloth as well as a skin moisturizer.  Start with a lower concentration of Retin-A to see how well your skin tolerates the Retin-A by itself or with the moisturizer.  If you do not have excessive redness or dryness, you can add a cleansing cloth as well.  Best wishes.

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