Does Retin-A have any long term benefits? Reducing the chance of getting skin cancer etc? Also if I was to start using Retin A-aged 50 and stopped aged 80, would my skin completely revert back what it would have truly been like aged 80 and having never touched Retin-A? Or would there be some be some benefit to using retin-A long term - as I've heard there is with Botox? Slightly less wrinkles etc.

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Long Term Use of Retin A

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After using Retin A and other topical retinoids for many years, the benefits of increased collagen deposition, removal of superficial pigmentation, and reduction in fine lines would not return to baseline if the retinoid is stopped.  However, exposure to UV radiation and smoking could negate the positive benefits that were achieved over years of topical retinoid use.

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