Will Retin-A Also Help with Wrinkles?

Will Retin-A that was prescribed for my acne, also help with wrinkle?

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Retin-A works for Acne and Wrinkles

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Retin-A can rejuvenate the skin while treating acne. There are a few things that people find when using Retin-A. First, it thins out the outer dead cell layer of skin, giving the skin a nice shine or glow. Second, it lightens hyperpigmented areas. Third, it causes increase collagen in the dermis, and this is what helps with wrinkles. Retin-A does a nice job with fine lines and wrinkles and is not so effective if the wrinkles are deep. Furthermore, to see the benefits with wrinkle improvement, it has to be used for a while, so don't be impatient.

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