What is Retin A?

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Retin A

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Retin A is a prescription only medication that contains tretinoin.  We frequently advise Retin A in combination with Obagi to help rrevitaliz the skin including reversing environmental effects (such as sun damage) or helping with acne treatment.

West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Retin A is a vitamin A derivative

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Retin A is a prescription medication that contains the ingredient tretinoin. Tretinoin is a synthetic derivative of vitamin A and has many beneficial effects on the skin. Tretinoin is used to treat acne, lighten pigmentation and even smooth out lines and wrinkles. When you use Retin A your skin will be smoother, clearer and have a rosy glow. Try it, I think you will like it.

Patricia Farris, MD
Metairie Dermatologic Surgeon

Retin A (tretinoin) is best for acne, wrinkles, cosmetic improvement

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Retin A is one brand name of a medication known as tretinoin, a topical medicine that has activity like vitamin A. Tretinoin (Retin-A) has many beneficial effects on the skin, and is a very safe topical medication. While side effects like skin dryness can be common, they are usually not serious and will be minimized with the correct regimen.

Tretinoin is one of the cornerstones of treatment for acne, and should be a part of most patient's acne regimens. Tretinoin can also be used for its cosmetic benefits, and should be the starting point for any patient interested in improving their cosmetic appearance. It helps rejuvenate aged or photodamaged skin by reducing fine wrinkles (not just the appearance... actually improving them), evening skin texture, and improving uneven pigmentation. Although it has been around for years, it is still one of the most important medicines available to improve the cosmetic appearance of the skin. Before you spend lots of money on expensive creams, start with a good sunscreen and tretinoin!

Chad L. Prather, MD
Baton Rouge Dermatologic Surgeon
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