Can Retin-a Cause Scarred/stretched Pores? Is There Even Such a Thing As Scarred Pores?

I have been using retin-a for about 3 and a half months, it had reduced tons of my red marks, plumped out one of my scars, and reduces my fine lines. However, in my inner cheeks I am now noticing stretched like pores, I think these are stretched pores, or could they be ice pick scars? I never had noticable pores here before so I am wondering could these be due to over exfoliation in that area?

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Retin A would not cause "stretched" pores

Pores are a natural anatomical feature to our skin and it is very difficult to visibly reduce their size.  Many products are marketed as "pore reducers" but a topical retinoid like Retin A is one of the only topicals that is efficacious in pore reduction.  Retin A should not cause "stretched" or "scarred" pores.

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