Is Retin-A Right for Me? Still Breaking out & Peeling After 4 Years. Can Benzoyl Peroxide Keep Pores Clear Too?

Age 62 (F). Acne & mild rosacea all adult life. Used tretinoin cream correctly 4 years but kept breaking out - peeling. Tried 3 days/wk - still peeling. Retin-a micro caused peeling. Started getting acne on cheeks where never had before so stopped using Retin-a a month ago. I use Panoxyl 4% benzoyl peroxide cleanser & Cleocin-T in AM, Spironolactone, Doxycycline 40mg, DML lotion. Is Retin-a the only way to treat acne? Skin seems calmer without retin-a. Can benzoyl peroxide also keep pores clear?

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