Is Retin-A Micro Gel As Good As the Normal Gel for Collagen?

Is Retin-A Micro Gel as good as the normal gel for stimulating collagen and is there any major difference between the strengths in terms of results shown? Thank you.

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Retin A Micro

Retin A Micro is gentler on very sensitive skin but has the same effect on collagen formation. It may take longer time of use to get the same effect.

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All forms of Retin-A are effective

Patients will often ask what the best form of Retin-A is... cream, gel, solution, etc. In reality, any form of tretinoin (the generic name) is effective. Which brand, strength, and vehicle (cream, gel, etc.) you use is purely patient preference.

There is no solid data that a certain brand or strength works better than another, but it does make sense that a higher strength would be more effective. However, it will also be more irritating to the skin, and may cause a bit more dryness. Cream and gel are the most popular vehicles: cream is more moisturizing, gels are better for oily skin.

Retin-A Micro is probably better than the normal generic because it is a bit less irritating, but it is also much more expensive. Brand name or generic will help you achieve the benefits of a retinoid, though.

Chad L. Prather, MD
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