Should I Use Retin-A Micro After Accutane?

Just finishing up my second course, and am being prescribed Retin-A Micro again. I did this after the first course, but it didn't seem to help. Should I use it or just see how my skin does without putting more chemicals on it?

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After Accutane

Your results may be better after having completed a second course of accutane. It is important to maintain a good skin care routine now that you have completed the accutane. This includes a cleanser, and moisturizer as well as an active acne treatment protocol. It is impossible to give specifics without seeing you and evaluating your skin, but examples of a program could include a retinoid (retin-a, differin, tazorac, etc), a combo product (like benzaclin or duac).

Your board certified dermatologist  can review your needs and place you on an appropriate regimen. 

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