Does Retin-a Increase Photoaging?

I'm 22, starting an anti-ageing/smoothing routine, already using sunscreen. I want to use retin-a, but I'm confused about the way it works, a friend told me "Retin-a will make your skin more sensitive to the sun, as sun radiation is what ages you, I don't think that is very clever to increase sensitivity in your young age, it is much wiser to use sunscreen only and avoid photo aging as much as you can for the moment". Is she right, should I wait?

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Retin A Diminshes Photoaging

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Although Retin A makes the skin more photosensitive, this increased photosensitivity does not hasten photoaging.  The most important anti-aging advice for the skin is strict sun protection.  Retin A and other topical retinoids do provide the benefit of reversing some photoaging.  As always, I recommend being evaluated and treated by a board certified dermatologist so an appropriate skin care regime can be tailored for each patient's unique situation.

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