Retin-a and Dry Skin

I have been doing the recommended regimen of CeraVe cleanser,retin-a at night and glycolic acid serum with antioxidants during the day(Vivite). I have been doing this for over 3 years and my skin is still always dry and flaky. When I wear makeup,I always look flaky,especially my nose and forehead.I use retin-a micro. I also take fish oil supplements everyday & drink plenty of water.What is going on? How can I continue my anti-aging protocol when I am so dry all the time?I am 26 female. Thanks.

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Your protocol needs an adjustment

I would suggest you discuss this with your dermatologist. Early on, Retin A can cause some flaking and dryness but you should not still be so dry. You may have seborrheic dermatitis or an irritant dermatitis and need medication.  If you do not have a medical problem, I'd discontinue the glycolic and replace with hydrating peptides. Good luck.

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