Is It Possible to Retighten Threads from Previous Thread Lift?

I had a Thread lift four years ago. Can doctors tighten the same "threads" that are currently in place without removing them or replacing them to regain youthful appearance? If not, what procedures can be used to freshen up my look?

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Tightening thread lifts

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Theoretically the threads, if they can be identified, can be tightened  to restore or effect a lift. However, they can be somewhat difficult to find which can complicate the procedurel. 

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Retightening Thread Lifts

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The current threads would be difficult to tighten. However, a new set of threads may be placed to further tighten the tissues.

Elliot M. Heller, MD
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Possible to retighten threads but not probable

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It is possible but not probable. You can be rethreaded or have a mini fade lift. You did not say if you were happy with the original threading?

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