Retaining Water on Stitches After Tummy Tuck?

did a tummy tuck in 2009 and up to date the area of the stitches is swollen and not flat like if there is liquid beneath the skin there is also a lapping of skin over the stitches any suggestions?

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Swelling three years after a tummy tuck

I highly recommed that you call your plastic surgeon and be examined.  The feeling of liquid below the suture line may be just that, a small fluid collection called a seroma that needs to be drained.  Also, some surgeons will use non-dissolvable suture in your tummy tuck which may be causing you a reaction.  If the area is small, this can often be removed in the office.  If it is larger, you may need a small operation to remove them.  Good luck.

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NON Dissolvable Suture

 An examination, copy of your surgeons operative report would be essential to determine what is going on in your case. Some surgeons use permanent sutures that do not dissolve with time like ethabond or mersaline. These will sometimes be interpreted by patients as bumps, knots or swollen areas. The solution often is unfortunately to go back to the OR, cut the areas out with any excessive/ redundant skin and close with dissolvable sutures like PDS.  Best,


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Retaining Water on Stitches After Tummy Tuck?

Without a photo I find it not possible to comment on what might be going on with your scar. 

With or without photos, the best suggestion is to see your surgeon for an evaluation, and treatment plan if indeed there is a way to improve your results.

Thanks and best wishes. 

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Retaining Water on Stitches After Tummy Tuck?

Thanks for the question. Without photos its hardly think what is the issue. It can be Keoid or hypertrophic scar that you may be talking about. Unless we see it we have no suggestions to give.Take care

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