Can I Get Retainers Made by Another Orthodontist?

I've just lost my Hawley retainer. I've also just moved to the US after leaving my home country where I received my orthodontic treatment. I'd lost my retainer before, while still back home; not having it for a month moved my teeth enough that my ortho had to saw off 0.75mm off the sides of one tooth, so it would fit when the retainer pushed it back. I need a replacement retainer quick: can a different orthodontist here in the US fit me with one, or do I need to go back to my original ortho?

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Jason...there are temporary retainers out there for you!

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  Jason....many dental practices can do Trutain retainers in their office in a few hours.  Otherwise, you will have to wait around two weeks for them to come back from the lab. Trutain retainers and are less expensive, more esthetically pleasing and easier to wear than Hawley retainers. The look is more like invisalign retainers. Hope this helps. Search for a dental practice near you that does this type of retainer! 

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