What is a Retainer (Hawley) Made Of?

Hello, I've just gotten off my braces, and I was wondering what the material the plastic part of the retainer is made of (not the clear kind, that wrap around the teeth, but the type with a wire in front). I've found, that there seems to be random rough spots on the retainer, and that it seems that I can actually taste it, not sure if it's just my imagination. Should I contact my orthodontist about it, or is it just the norm, and just to sate my curiosity, what is it made of specifically?

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Retainer Material

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A Hawley retaineris made of stainless steel wire that forms the bow that wraps around the front teeth and the clasps in the back. The plastic part is acrylic madefrom Moving acrylic liquid monomer with acrylic powder. What you are probably tasting is excess liquid monomer from the fabrication of the retainer and is normal. It should go away with time or you can soak it in denture cleaner found at any drugstore. Concerning the rough spots I suggest going back to see your orthodontist so he/she can smooth it out.

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