What is best retainer for top right canine becoming crooked (sticking out) and crooked bottom right tooth?

What type of retainer should i use to get my teeth straight again. I had braces for 1yr 4 months. I wear my plastic retainers at night then changed to all day. I just got aso aligner retainer for top. But am wondering if the hawley retainer will be better to move my canine into place. Keep in mind that canine was the major reason I got braces in the first place, Thank you.

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A retainer of any type is not meant for realigning teeth.  If the amount of correction is not a great deal, Invisalign Express with 5 or 10 aligners may do the job well.  Everyone's teeth lean towards the front of the mouth and therefore crowding of your front teeth is normal without good retention. Once the teeth have moved out of alignment only orthodontic treatment with realign them.  Invisalign is the fastest, healthiest, most esthetic, and most comfortable way to straighten teeth.

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