What Could Be the Cause for No Results After Smartlipo?

I am a little over 6 months post smartlipo and no results are seen. Not even down to pre-op measurements. One Dr suggested I gained weight, and actually PS says I'm still extremely swollen. 1600cc were removed. PS will re-touch but not sure if it will help. Is it possible that some bodies just swell a whole lot, thats what my PS says happened to me.

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Smart lipo and swelling

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Swelling is common following any type of liposuction.  1600 cc of lipoaspirate is not a small amount, so results should be demonstrable.  If your plastic surgeon is wiling to follow your progress and touch up your results, he/she is clearly devoted to delivering a good outcome.  I feel that sometimes Smart lipo is best accompanied by traditional lipo.  In my hands, laser emulsification is just not enough to yield amazing results.  It is, however, good to pair with traditional lipo.  I know its hard to be patient, and, at 6 months, you should have shown some improvement.  At 1 year, though, lack of improvement cannot be explained by swelling.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Swelling post Smart Liposuction.

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Swelling and edema can persist post smart liposuction surgery even after a year, but most it is usually good by six months.   However, it is hard to tell whether it is swelling without seeing you.  A touch-up can certainly help and combining it with traditional liposuction may also help.  Smartlipo is a nice procedure that works well in most people.   I would recommend continuing to see your present plastic surgeon to discuss whether revision surgery would be best for you.

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