Results From Tumescent Lipo 4 Days Ago?

Had tumescent liposculpture done 4 days ago. Was about 25 lbs overweight, am 5'9 & 54 yo.Always struggled w/weight in hip thigh saddlebag area but always had flat tummy & been very active. Past year, menopause kicked in & I felt like I couldn't get anywhere w/diet/exercise. Had tummy, thighs/saddlebags/knees/back done.Very pleased w/results thus far, but still don't see that much improvement in the thigh/saddlebag area. There is still swelling. Will this area continue to get smaller in size?

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Thighs and Saddlebags Respond Well

Good news: the thighs and saddlebag areas respond very well to liposuction. You are not alone in wondering about the results in the week after treatment. Your suspicion is correct. Swelling is similar to twisting your ankle in these areas. It takes from a week to a month to see the majority of the benefit.

While waiting on the results of liposuction, I suggest you see a dietitian every month for a year. That way, you would ensure fabulous results and be less likely to end up in the same shape later.

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Results From Tumescent Lipo 4 Days Ago?

Swelling can persist for 6 months and sometimes up to 1 year following liposuction.




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