Are the Results Typically Subtle or Dramatic After Having Septoplasty to Correct a Saddle Deformity?

How many weeks will it take to really see the outcome from septoplasty?

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It depends on the degree of the saddle

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If the saddle is severe there is major reconstruction needed, if it is not severe it will be more subtle.  Also, a septoplasty is not to correct a saddle deformity, for that you need a nasal reconstruction, which takes roughly a month for the swelling to reduce and the full result to be seen.

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

Septoplasty will not correct a saddle nose deformity.

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A septoplasty is commonly performed to improve nasal breathing.  A septoplasty can be performed to straighten the middle nasal vault or  cartilaginous bridge of the nose but this  in itself  will  not correct the deformity of a saddle nose. It is not uncommon to use cartilage harvested during a septoplasty to reconstruct a saddle  nose deformity typically to create an 'L" strut to support the nose and also build up the deficiency of the nasal bridge, if sufficient material is available.  If not alternative sources of cartilage will be required.

Christopher Tolan, MD
Saint Paul Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Saddle nose deformity

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Real saddle nose deformity is not corrected by septoplasty. One can use the cartillage from the septoplasty to graft the bridge of the nose for correction of minor saddle nose. Major saddle nose deformity may need rib cartillage graft

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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