No Results from Smart-Lipo

11 months ago I had smart-lipo on my abdomen and love handle area. I realize that there is no guarantee but I was told I was a good candidate and would probably drop a couple pants sizes. I have had zero results. I’m wondering about re-doing the same area? Also wondering what was “sucked” out if not the fat? What is left? Are there any complications that I occur that would prevent re-doing? What are the chances of success the second time in the same area?

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Smart lipo without results

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Smart lipo is a newer laser assisted form of liposuction with a popular name. There is a learning curve to any new technique and many of the machines are owned by individuals 'new' to the field of cosmetic surgery. Hard for any of us to know just what was done. We suggest a visit with another practice with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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