No Results 9 Months After Brazilian Butt Lift. Why?

Got fat transfer from upper/lower abs and flanks to rear end in September 2011. I'm 5'5 and only weighed 101 lbs at the time (I weigh 102 right now so weight gain is not a factor in my dilemma) so I had no expectations of gaining a "big butt" but rather my focus was on lipo and gaining a slim defined waist line to give me an hourglass figure. Results were perfection first few days after surgery but as time went on they dimished. From about 2 week after surgery until now, I look just like pre op

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No Results 9 Months After Brazilian Butt Lift

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The surgery would only work if there is sufficient fat to transfer. From your description, there was an insufficient amount to provide a succesful result. Check with your surgeon how much was actually injected into the buttocks.

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Brazilian butt lift--no improvement!

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You probably did not have enough fat transferred or the fat wwas not concentrated well.  At your pre op weight you probably did mot have enough fat to do this procedure. 

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No results from fat injection buttock augmentation

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At your small weight, the issue may have been the volume of fat available to perform the procedure. Unless one has enough fat to transfer at least 200cc of concentrated fat per buttock (which would require 1200 to 1500 of fat aspirate...which I doubt you had), the small amount fat injected either was not enough to make a difference or the small injected volume absorbed. I have yet to see a patient at a weight of just over 100lbs that would be a good candidate for buttock augmenttation by fat injections.

Need Fat to Transfer for Fat Transfer (Brazillian Butt Lift)

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Sorry to hear about your diminishing results. When I perform fat transfer to the buttocks (Brazillian Butt Lift) I transfer a significant amount of purified fat. Your initial results were do to swelling induced form surgical manipulation. As the swelling went did your results. If you do not have enough excess fat to transfer (you are a petite woman) you may be better served with a buttocks implant. Please check out the link to a buttocks augmentation I performed below. I transferred 450 cc per buttock as a reference. This patient was a petite woman as well.


Dr Shifrin

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