Which Gives Best Results & Last the Longest, Brazilian Butt Augmentation or Butt Implants?

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Implants or injections..longer lasting on Butt.

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Buttock implants versus fat injections...which will last longer...

Buttock implants come in many shapes and sizes. Generally once you place them the implants last a long time. However, your body does not. This means that changes in your body shape and constittion may require a change, repositioning, or even removal of the implants. Occasionally implants may fail for a variety of reasons and need removal or replacement.

In regards to injections, I assume you mean fat and this may take more than one initial setting to acheive the degree of correction you seek. However, once you achieve this, the result is generally long lasting. In fact, weight gain may result in enlargement of the fat graft. Althernatively, weight loss may result in decrease in size of the grafts as well

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