Results Immediately After Surgery and 1 Month Later

I had liposuction to thighs and under buttocks 4 weeks ago, using the traditional method. My PS warned that my skin might be looser as it was already quite flabby from weight loss. I had fat transfer to the upper buttocks to try to lift them, this seems to have worked quite well. The day after surgery my buttocks didn't look any more saggy than before. Now, however, 4 weeks later, one side is saggier than the other and I can definately feel the skin loose. Will it go back to like the day after?

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Saggy buttock skin

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It may not recover and you will need followup. See your plastic surgeon to see what they would recommend.  There might be the ability to do more fat injections in several months or have a non-surgical tightening / lifting procedure such as Thermage or other devices.

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Assymetry and Loosness after surgery

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It is normal to be uneven after surgery. only after six months will the real result begin to show. There are many things going on in the field and to judge the result-before the predetermined time is un- realistic. I'vie seen big butts get smaller, and small butts get bigger. I hope this answers your question. the key is this; what is the percentage of fat vs. serum and oil? how were the stem cells treated? the more stem cells and the less oil the better (bigger) the long term result. the more serum and fat grafted the smaller the result will become with time. this field is technique driven.

Glutteal fat injections

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Dear Indochine,

I am sorry to say that most like it will not.   The edema(swelling) after your procedure gave you the impression of a much fuller glutteal fat transfer than your final results.  As the swelling subsides the final results should become more evident.   It will take at least 3 months before an idea of what your results will be can be formed.  As always mention your concerns to your surgeon.

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It is impossible to say without seeing you. At this point; however, it is too early to assess your final results. It takes 2-3 months. Go back to your surgeon and discuss your concerns.

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