Better Results for Loose Skin. Liposuction; Is It Worth It?

I am 39yrs old never had children. I have loose hanging skin I weigh 147lbs wear a size 8. The plastic surgeon suggest tummy tuck but that's something I'm not willing to do so we decided on lipo. Now he recommend smart liposuction on the lower ad and traditional on upper AB and love handles he said I'll still have hanging skin on the lower AB but smart liposuction will look better and higiher iitperntage of skiiihgvin tightness than performing traditional lipo is worth pay the extra money?

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Loose skin is a contra indication to liposuction

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If you have hanging skin now and underwent liposuction, your skin will hang even more.  You are dissatisfied with your appearance now, you will be even more dissatisfied after liposuction.  Then you will have to have a tummy tuck to correct the resulting hanging skin.  Do nothing or do an abdominoplasty but liposuction should not be performed.  You will be disappointed.

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Gary Horndeski, M.D.

Better Results for Loose Skin. Lip; Is It Worth It?Answr:

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It really depends on how much loose skin you have and if you are planning on showing your tummy to the public, like in a bikini. Because the best solution for loose hanging skin is surgical tightening but if you are not going to show your tummy in public, Lipo will make the skin less hangy BUT it will make it very wavy, especially in the tummy. The SlimLipo is a bit better but still...close to 40 yo, expect some waviness..

Laser lipo is no substitute for a tummy tuck

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There are several brands of laser-assisted liposuction including smart lipo but the degree of exra skin tightening is small. A tummy tuck gives dramatic results where laser lipo may have a subtle though measureable degree of tightening. The other issue to consider, especially when there is loose skin, is that the scarring that may result from the laser could make it more difficult to do a tummy tuck later.

Lipo in not for loose skin so don't waste your money

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Personally, if you have loose skin and need a tummy tuck but don't want one, I would not offer you liposuction of any kind just because you want something done.  Liposuction, including Smartlipo will not make you happy with loose skin so in my opinion it would be better to save your money and do nothing.

Loose skin of tummy and liposuction.

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The typical amount of tightening with SmartLipo is no where close to the results that can be obtained with a tummy tuck, but it is a little better than traditional liposuction. By doing a less invasive procedure you must realize you will have a less optimal result. You are compromising on the outcome.

It is difficult to give you a clear answer without a photo and being able to evaluate your skin.

Ask your surgeon to see photos of the SmartLipo to see if you will be satisfied with the result or should you reconsider the tummy tuck for the best, more predictable result. 

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