Results of DIY Glycolic Peel - Typical?

40% Glycolic Peel 4 days ago, left on for 5 mins. It barely stung and didn't irritate my skin. Before the peel, I'd had 3 deep peels thru my Doc and used Retin A 3x/week. I have brown spots on the side of my face that seem darker now. Also had pink age spots near my nasolabial folds. Those seem to be the only areas affected by the peel, now darker and feel coarse but don't seem to be scabbed. I'm hoping this is temporary. Is the change in the pink spots and no change in the brown spots typical?

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Glycolic peel

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You should not be using a 40% glycolic acid peel on yourself at home, especially during the summer months.  You may cause more redness of the pink spots which will then turn brown in the sun.  Do not use your Retin A until all of the pinkness has cleared.

The brown spots are probably darker now because of sun exposure.  Avoid the sun, use a sunscreen with SPF 50+, and restart your Retin A when your pinkness has cleared.

You should consult a board certified dermatologist who can recommend appropriate treatment for you, possibly hydroquinone fading cream and fractional laser treatments for the brown spots and intense pulsed light treatments for the pink spots, but after the summer. 

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