Can DeepFX Setting of Low MJ Potentially Have a Greater Effect on Acne Scars?

I was reading this somewhere and so I wanted to know this, This is for Acne Scarring. That we can use a low mj (energy levels) but can have such a setting(Preset)in the DeepFX machine that on a given area, the same laser beam can pass twice through the same area, which can have a two times the effect hence more profound effect. Can anything like that be achieved, is it a good idea, and can it achieve better results rather than just having the DeepFX machine preset used on high energy level(mj).

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Deep FX settings

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The settings that can be adjusted on the Deep FX are the energy per pulse (mj), how much of the skin is treated (density), and how fast the pulse is given.  You can set the machine to deliver a lower pulse and double stack the pulses.  That would just increase the depth of treatment which would be similar to simply using a higher energy.

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