No Results from Arm Liposuction 6 Weeks Post Op.

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Too early to tell

You are at an early stage.

Liposuction patients tend to have a longer period of recovery regarding swelling and hardness then other surgeries in my experience.

It takes 6 months to a full year until the final shape takes place.

Things that may help speed up the process are lymphatic massage by a physical therapist.


Good luck!!!

6 weeks is too early to tell

At six weeks following liposuction, you still have swelling, especially in the arms. It is hard to accurately compare your photos since part of the arm is cut off in the before photos, the arm is positioned differently, and the distance from arm to camera varies in each shot. Nonetheless, it does actually appear that you have improvement in your arm contour, since in the before photos your arm does not seem to taper at all from shoulder to elbow (stays the same width, if not bigger, by the elbow), and in the after photos the arm tapers or narrows smoothly as you go from shoulder to elbow. Regardless, it is too early to tell. You need to give it months before you truly see your end result. Another good way to compare your progress is to try on a shirt that used to be snug in the arms and see how it fits over time.  Garments may help minimize swelling early on too, though they are not required.

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