No Results After 3 Weeks for Laser Treatment of Blue Veins Under Eye?

I have small (non-bulging) but very blue/purple veins under my eyes. Doctor used a 1064 yag nm laser. I had absolutely no side effects and the procedure was a breeze. However, it's been almost three weeks since and I've seen absolutely no improvement. I've read about people seeing results instantly! My doctor said I would need 3-5 treatments. Does this sound like too much? For what reasons could this treatment not work for me? I have very light skin. Should I consider ambulatory phlebectomy?

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Visible vein around the eye

I do not use laser for these veins and have no experience using that modality in these cases. I have isolated the offending veins during blepharoplasty surgery and divided/tied them off with good lasting results though.

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