Results After Rhinoplasty. 1 Weeks Post and Unhappy With Profile? (photo)

I just had the splint removed (I had my surgery last Monday so it's been exactly 7 days and it was a closed rhinoplasty) and while I'm fully satisfied with the frontal view of my nose, I still seem to have a bump when looking at it sideways- it's plain round, and at this point I'm not sure if it's the swelling or if the surgeon hasn't done his job well. I'd also like to know if this is something that can be fixed with post-op massage or I'll have to have a second surgery (hope not).

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Too Early To Judge The Results Of A Rhinoplasty

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At 1 week post-op, it is extremely early to predict how your final results would look like.

Some nasal irregularities (redness, bumps, etc.) could be pretty much transient and due to the cast but keeping an eye on them is worth the investment.

It is important to be patient and to give mother nature the chance to take its course; swelling will subside and recovery will take place and it is a matter of time and following your surgeon's instructions religiously.

As for "massaging" the bump you have described in your post, I cannot confirm the benefit of such an activity without knowing the full details of your surgery and examining your nose thoroughly. Therefore, it is to your best interest to consult with your surgeon who will be able to guide you with additional instructions to follow if necessarily and beneficial to treat your nasal bump post-operatively.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for your questions and the photos.

Best of wishes to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

Results After Rhinoplasty. 1 Weeks Post and Unhappy With Profile?

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 You might want to go back and see your Rhinoplasty Surgeon.  It appears that you may have suffered burns from application of the cast to your nose in addition to something that's causing swelling below the nasal skin.  

Results After Rhinoplasty. 1 Weeks Post and Unhappy With Profile?

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Your posted photos are of concern on 2 fronts. This early redden appearance is very concerning as you might have an infection or hematoma or both. Seek immediate medical care. Second is the possible under respected hump or "polly beak" deformity. This can not be diagnosed with the redness and swelling. Again seek in person care. 

Bump post surgery

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Redness usually at this stage indicates an infection or perhaps a hematoma..See your surgeon as soon as you can for appropriate treatment

Unhappy after a week

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Unless you have a small hematoma underneath of the skin I think that you have a valid concern. While most revisions should wait for many months after surgery, some issues can be dealt with right away. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

Rhinoplasty post op result

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You appear to have a lot of swelling in the dorsum of your nose. Once the swelling resolves you may still have a prominent dorsum. It is hard to tell without an exam. Good Luck.

Rhinoplasty Riddle

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First of all, you probably have a super fantastic surgeon: Therefore, this is not criticism, just talk.


Differential Diagnosis (some possibilities): Rhinoplastic tape or adhesive skin reaction, superficial bullous formation (blister), vesicular formation upon a raised erythematous base (herpetic), tissue necrosis (cell death), traumatic irritation, subdermal hematoma (blood under the skin), skin or cartilaginous infection, persistent bony & upper lateral cartilage, inflammatory dermatitis, post-operative edema (swelling), etc.


Must not miss infection, hematoma, herpes, severe dermatitis, tissue necrosis.

Consider immediate and close follow-up by your surgeon.

Consider future open reduction rhinoplasty and superior tip rotation, tip projection and generation of a less obtuse nasolabial angle.

Consider genioplasty (chin implant).


Robert A. Shumway, MD, FACS

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