No Results After Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments, Should I Give Up?

iam dark skin(indian) and had many laser hair removal treatments with cynosure(yag) and candela(yag). Over two years iam not getting any closer its seems my hair are getting coarser, iam very concern. Should i continue with the laser treatments or just go back to shaving.

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Diode Laser for East Indian Skin

Hi Love all.  No you should not give up but you should change providers.  We treat up to dark skin type IV, including East Indians using a Lumenis Lightsheer Diode laser.  It is the most common laser hair removal device in the world.  

While we also use a long pulsed yag laser like the one you referenced, Indians can be treated on either type.  If you are not getting permanent hair removal with the yag laser you should switch practitioners to a practice that uses diode lasers for your skin type.  No need to give up yet.  Check the before and after pictures at the link below - we treat all skin types successfully.

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