Will Results Round out After Brazilian Butt Lift?

I just had a Brazilian butt lift and lipo done 10 days ago. I can see the difference, but I still don't feel like it look the way i thought it would after having 1000 cc put in to each cheek. I'm 5'1, 170 lbs., and a 40 dd. My doctor told me i will see more of a result in the upcoming months. It just looks wide and full, but not as round as I wanted. After the swelling goes away, will it round out some more or will it just get flatter?

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Brazilian Butt enhancement

You still are very early and have lots of swelling. You need to wait at least 3 months for the final result.

The art of Brazilian Butt Enhancement is not only a matter of injecting large volume of fat into the bttocks, it entails the reshaping of the body especially around the buttock , like the love handles, lower back, illiac crests. Then injecting fat where it is most effective and that is dependant on the individual anatomy, as well as the persons preference as  to the shape of the buttocks.This require through analysis of the body and best of all a computer immaging to help in the analysis.

So the injection of fat is only a part of the reshaping of the buttock in Brazilian butt enhancement.

There are lots of problems with the picture you posted but it is too early to decisde. Injecting 1000 cc of fat into each butt is a lot and runs the risk of major fat absorbtion and irrigularities.

Fat transfer is technique dependant and requires a significant experience for a successfull outcome. That is why it is not a cheap procedure. I hope your surgeon was a Board Certified plastic surgeon

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Evolution of Brazilian Butt Lift Results

Hi there-

You are still very early in the recovery process, and I would expect quite a bit of change over the next few weeks...

Fortunately, most of this change should be in the areas liposuctioned, meaning that your shape should look better and better to you as this happens.

It is possible that despite the extremely high volume of fat your surgeon placed, that your buttock skin and tissues simply would not respond to the grafting with the shape you desire, but this is unlikely.

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