Can These Results Be Achieved Through Smart Lipo? (photo)

Hi, Height: 5'7 Weight: 117lbs Dress size:6 Basically I'm pretty content with my body. But then comes my thighs which no matter what I do doesn't go away. Im not really happy at all with them I want them to be thinner. I know liposuction is a body sculpting procedure which is exactly what I want. Now I did go to a plastic surgeon close to me who did approve me as a candidate. If you see the pictures I included I want to know if its possible to get legs like that. Almost identical ? Thank you

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Can These Results Be Achieved Through Smart Lipo?

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In reality very hard to "copy" another person physical appearance. Yes lipo or Smart lipo Triplex can improve upon your thigh issues but to guarantee a result is not realistic. 

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