Should I Be Concerned About Skin Laxity After Vaser Shape Treatment?

I am a 55 yr old female with approximately 16% body fat. I'm considering the non-invasive procedure, Vaser Shape, to remove fat from below my breasts to my lower abdomen. Of course I want the procedure to be effective, but my concern is that at my age, the fat removal may result in loose skin, creating an undesired effect. Consult with the Vaser Shape technician identified a "skin tightening" setting that can be used on this machine. I would appreciate your views.

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When you are over 50, the skin laxity is an issue. You may need to consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and have an evaluation for a Tummy Tuck .  If you are opposed to surgery, then you may have to accept skin laxity.  The skin will tighten up some, but not like a Tummy Tuck.

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"Skin tightening" setting on any machine would be great if it actually worked!

Unfortunately, skin tightening is not something that any machine can guarantee nor does it usually work.  You can get some tightening from actual liposuction by the tumescent technique with the micro canulas if your skin still has a fair amount of elasticity left in it.  Most non-invasive fat treatment machines have yet to prove their worth but we all keep hoping that someday they will.  Sincerely,

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