Large Bag under my Eye and a Large Hollowness in the Tear Trough. Could this be result of X-HA3, Hyaluronidase, and Botox?

I tried a minimal amount of X-HA3 above my right cheekbone 3 mos. ago, and as result, I got a large bag under my eye & a bulge in the upper tear trough. I had 3 dase treatments, but the bag did not budge, and now I have atrophy in the tear trough area. I then had botox injections in the tear trough area, and the atrophy got worse (ca. 2.5 cm down my tear trough) 1. Should I get more dase in the bag? 2. Is the atrophy permanent? Plz help me as I live in a 3rd wrld country & geting no answers.

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