Can I get this result from a BA? (photo)

The first 3 pictures are my current breasts. Deflated from breastfeeding but nipple still above the crease. The larger breasts are my desired results, not due to size but appearance. I prefer more flesh under the nipple rather than volume at the top (obviously I need a little volume at the top but I don't like the high profile implant appearance) Is this achievable? And what implant/placement would get the closest results?

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What do I need?

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To achieve the best result, I would consider both a small breast implant and also a breast lift. The lift would either be around the areola or possible a lollipop.

Breast Augmentation result

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to achieve your desired result, you will need nipple repositioning. A tear drop shape implant will accentuate the volume below the nipple. If you are not keen on a lift, then you may consider a tear drop shaped implant placed in front of the muscle and a crescenteric nipple lift. If this does not achieve your expectations, you can then proceed to a breast lift as a second stage procedure .

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Best result from BA

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After reviewing your photos and pictures which you desire, the best result would be obtained from performing a breast augmentation and a periareolar lift. Your pictures show that there is a difference in nipple position (right lower then left) and that would need to be corrected. You can place the implants submuscular using a dual-plane approach which would give you some lifting, but I think to center your nipples over the breast volume and to make them even would require a periareolar lift with the incision just around the nipple. You can always assess that need for a lift at the time of the operation after placing the implants in the correct position.

Jeffrey LaGrasso, MD
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Realistic epectations from breast augmentation

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I think that you may need a combination of a breast lift and augmentation to achieve the look you are interested in. You have a mild amount of "Ptosis" or breast droop, which will be corrected to a small extent with the implant but probably not to the extent that you want. Implants may also accentuate the asymmetry that you have already and leave you unhappy with the result. If you do the lift in conjunction with the implant, your surgeon will have more control over the position of your nipples in the final result.

Keep in mind, you can always do the procedure in two stages. Put the implants in first and see how you like them. If you feel that you have not gotten your best result, then you will have an open mind to know that you can get the lift to get it just right. It may be easier to accept the scars in this situation since you tried it at first without. This is a very safe and reasonable way to approach your particular situation.

Good luck! I hope this helped.

Beth Collins, MD
New Haven Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation and a lift

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I agree with Dr. Repta. To get the results that you desire a breast lift and a implant will likely be needed together. As he noted, you can do them in a single stage or try just the implants and the lift later. You may get a good result with an implant only, but in my opinion you will not get the the results like the photo you posted without the lift. Hope this helps you and good luck.

Breast augmentation and lift

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From your question it sounds like you would like some upper pole volume increase as well as increase in the amount of breast skin showing below the areola. I suspect the best result will be from an augmentation and lift. If you are concerned about the lift component and are on the fence in terms of needing it you could always get a breast augmentation first and then re-assess the need for a lift down the road.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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