Is This Result Possible Through Alar Base Reduction?

Is This Result Possible Through Alar Base Reduction?

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Is this result possible with alar base reduction?

While it is possible that you could obtain this result with just an alar base resection it is really very difficult to be certain with just one photo to examine.  i would strongly suggest that you sit down with a board certified plastic surgeon and have them do  a complete  evaluation of your nose, especially the nasal tip.   i have found that using computer imaging is very helpful to both the patient and the plastic surgeon.   Good luck to you.  Dr Donald Brown.    

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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The result would be better with the combination of alar reduction and rhinoplasty

The simple thing would be to do only alar reduction,but the best result would be with the rhinoplasty to reduce the alar cartilage flaring and then do the alar reduction. Alar reduction by itself may cause tip to look wider.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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