My nose is not symmetrical and not getting better result after Rhinoplasty?

I have rhinoplasty in sept. 2011 now my nose is not symmetrical and not as such good results, right side nose have a bump, thick skin and getting pimple frequently and left side nostril become too flat, I have extreme oily skin, do i need re rhinoplasty? plz help me....

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Wanting Better Result from Rhinoplasty

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It sounds like you have many complaints following your rhinoplasty one year ago. Without pictures we cannot offer any suggestions other than talking to your surgeon and/or getting a second opinion from a revision rhinoplasty specialist.

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Revision rhinoplasty

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If you had rhinoplasty almost 1 year ago, swelling should be nearly completely resolved by now and you should be able to see the "real" contours of your nose. That being said, however, thick, oily skin tends to retain swelling for a longer period of time and final results tend to be somewhat blunted as the underlying bony and cartilaginous contours are more difficult to see under thicker nasal skin. If your nose is asymmetric at this point, the best course would be to see the surgeon who performed the original surgery and discuss the asymmetries. If you would rather see a new facial plastic surgeon, make sure to bring pictures from before the original surgery and an operative report if available so that you can be evaluated in the context of what was actually done surgically.

Harry Mittelman, MD
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