No Results 3 Months After Laser Lipo. Belly Hang is Worse and Stretch Marks Worse? (photo)

4ft 11 inches 120 pds. Bulgy tommy after 2 kids just lower part. Laser liposuction 3 months ago; faithfully wear my garments, exercise 2 x a week for an hour. No result. I had stretch mark which was not too visible now my stretch mark is larger and very painful and very visible. Is this normal, Is Laser liposuction effective in woman of color? I feel I waste my time and my stomach is bigger I had no fat at my side and this was according to the doctor now my belly is hanging over my jeans…

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I would expect significant results by this time

Laser liposuction is effective in everybody when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon.  3 months of recovery is plenty of time to see the results.  It would be nice to see your before and after photos.  I usually find that my patients really start to appreciate the new body contour in about 4-6 wks with additional improvements over the next few months.  If you can still pinch a significant amount of fat then there is still some fat to remove.  I find that it's very important to perform this procedure with the patient comfortably awake so that many different positions can be used.  Repositioning allows for a much better sculpting.  Liposuction will not remove or reduce your stretch marks, but it will significantly improve your shape.  

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