Restylane or Wedge Resection for Lip Scar?

Ten months ago, I passed out from dehydration the morning I was to have bowel surgery and landed face down. I split my chin and bottom lip (through and through), which required 8 sutures. Today, occasionally, a suture will protrude. I have some scar tissue on top of my lip and it feels like I'm pressing down with my finger on that area. There is an indentation over the laceration line that allows liquids to drain down. Is it wise to have a wedge resection to correct it or just leave it alone? I was given these options: wedge resection, Restylane, or nothing.

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The best treatment for lip scars

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Since it is unlikely that you lost tissue during your lip laceration, the volume deficit is likely due to a depressed scar.  I would begin with a scar revision procedure for your lip scars.

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Restylane works to improve depressed scars

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Sorry to hear about your fall. I completely agree with Dr. Waldman that the lip laceration and scar needs 1-2 years to heal and remodel. I speak from experience, having split my lip in a motor vehicle accident. If the "dent" in your lip makes you self-conscious, find an injector who will be responsive to your needs. Two other considerations: a) volunteer any history of cold sores. Injecting fillers can occasionally reactivate cold sore viruses. b) ask your injector not to overcorrect the defect. It's easier to go back for more filler than to convert the depression to a bump. Good luck.

Lavinia K. Chong, MD
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Lips take a while to heal!

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It take 12-18 months scar and in lips. Having this use injectable fillers for depressed scars in this area is always a good idea and if not successful then a surgical alternative can be tried.  Without pictures it is really hard to give a more exact answer.

S. Randolph Waldman, MD
Lexington Facial Plastic Surgeon
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